Labiaplasty is the medical term used to describe the surgical correction of large or different sized labial tissue. There are both physical and psychological reasons why a woman may choose to have labiaplasty.

As well as cosmetic concerns about the look of the labia, large or excess labia tissue can cause problems during sports, such as biking or horse riding, for example. Women also describe difficulties in finding appropriate beach clothing to wear, and often struggle with their confidence when it comes to intimate relationships. 

Mr Adams will discuss the options for you during your consultation and show examples of what to expect.


What You Need to Know

What Happens When I Leave Hospital?

Stitches are absorbable and drop out by 4 weeks. No dressings are applied.
It is advisable to take pain relief on a regular basis for the first few days to lessen the discomfort. Patients are given painkillers when they leave hospital. Be aware of the risk of Thrush.
Swelling and sensation will be altered for up to 2 weeks following surgery.
The main risk following surgery is bleeding/haematoma or infection, yet both of these are rare. Persistent swelling can be recognised after resuming sexual intercourse but will settle by 10 weeks. You should let Mr Adams know if you think there is a tear or a break down in the stitches.


Read the full labiaplasty fact sheet for more information on the types of surgery, pre-operative advice and what to expect following the procedure.
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