Face and Neck Lifting

Face lift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, tightens facial skin and soft tissues to rejuvenate the face and neck.

A face lift, with or without a neck lift, may involve eyelid surgery, brow lifting, liposuction, lipofilling or skin ‘resurfacing’ techniques, such as chemical peeling.

Titus Adams performs different types of face lift and neck lift surgery and these depends on a number of factors and issues.

  1. Skin-only face lift
  2. Superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) face lift
  3. Deep plane (composite) SMAS face lift
  4. MACS facelift
  5. Mini face lift

If face lift or neck lift surgery is suitable, Mr Adams will discuss the appropriate options with you during your consultation.

Facelift before and after

Before and After Gallery

Facelift before Facelift after
49 year old, pre-op facelift 49 year old, post-op facelift
Facelift after
Face and neck lifting

What You Need to Know

What Happens When I Leave Hospital?

A facial garment will be applied before you leave hospital, and is worn for up to one week to protect and support your face. The staples and sutures are not covered by dressings at discharge.
Immediately following your operation, the face will become swollen. This settles rapidly after 48 hours and settles further after 10-14 days. Visible bruising is to be expected for 1-3 weeks, depending on the type and nature of your surgery. Make-up can be applied from two weeks as necessary. The face and neck can feel stiff which is normal for a number of weeks. Occasionally a small amount of fluid (seroma) can build up just under the earlobe, which can be gently removed the day after surgery.
Standard analgesics will be given to you at discharge.
Numbness is expected around the stitch lines and lumpiness or irregularities may be observed for a number of weeks. These features resolve spontaneously. Gentle massage to the scars and face with facial creams is encouraged to reduce stiffness and irregularities during this time. Scars do not fully mature for at least 9-12 months.
You are advised not to drive for 5 days and to keep your head elevated. Exercise must be avoided for 4 weeks.
An appointment will be made for you to return to the clinic to see the cosmetic nurse for assessment and stitch/staple removal at one week, and thereafter if necessary. An outpatient follow-up will be made to see Mr Adams at 6 weeks and 9 months post surgery, with appointments sent via email.
Minor wound infections (especially behind the ear) are not uncommon, and again more so amongst smokers. You will be advised about how to manage this, if problems arise. Delays in wound healing of this sort resolve spontaneously. If you have concerns or persistent problems, then you should contact the hospital where the surgery has been performed or Mr Adams’ secretary directly.


Read the full face lift surgery and neck lift surgery fact sheet for more information on the types of surgery, pre-operative advice and what to expect following the procedure.
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