Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most powerful cosmetic procedures that Mr Titus Adams performs. Large breasts can cause significant problems due to a combination of physical symptoms such as painful or aching neck, shoulder and back, bra strap grooves, or rashes for example; social problems such as finding suitable clothing to wear or not being able to entertain exercise or swimming the way that you would like; through to underlying psychological concerns with body image or shape, which can interfere with relationships or with intimacy, for example. Collectively, this can have a huge bearing on one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Breast reduction surgery aims to reduce the size of the breast and nipple (including the areola), as well as lift the breasts into a more youthful and attractive position for your frame. With many ways to perform breast reduction, Mr Titus Adams will discuss the most effective method with you when you book a consultation.

Photographic and video examples of this surgery will be available to patients during the consultation to aid in decision-making.

Breast reduction surgery

Before and After Gallery

40 yr old asymmetric breast for reduction pre op views 40 yr old asymmetric breast for reduction post op views
45yr old 3 months pre reduction.(3) 45yr old 3 months post reduction(3)
45yr old 3 months pre reduction.(2) 45yr old 3 months post reduction(2)
45yr old 3 months pre reduction.(1) 45yr old 3 months post reduction
45yr old 3 months pre reduction. 45yr old 3 months post reduction(1)
20 yr old, before breast reduction 20 yr old, 6 months after breast reduction

20 year old, before and 6 months after breast reduction

18 year old, pre op breast reduction with lift 18 year old, 6 months post op breast reduction with lift

18 year old, before and 6 months post op breast reduction with lift

Breast Reduction

What You Need to Know

What Happens when I Leave Hospital?

Micropore tape is applied to the scars in theatre. Opsite© occlusive dressings are used to cover the tape, and the nipples are exposed for monitoring purposes. Drains may be in place but removed the following day before leaving the hospital. Dressings are required for up to 4 weeks and usually involve micropore tape only, which can be replaced if it comes away. Showering can take place from 5 days and the tape can get wet (it is not waterproof) and it will dry on the skin whilst retaining its position and support.
All the stitches are dissolving. At one week nurse follow-up, trimming of stitches may be required.

A soft, front-fastening supportive bra, that protects but does not restrict, with no under wire, should be worn as much as possible day and night to provide shape and support for up to 6 weeks. Thereafter, a normal bra can be used. Accurate bra sizing can be established at 3 months after swelling has receded.

Severe pain is not a significant feature of breast surgery. Regular analgesics prescribed on discharge from hospital are normally all that is required for 2 weeks, and intermittently required thereafter.

Initially the breasts will appear firm and pert and even high on the chest. This is more pronounced with short, vertical scar techniques, with wrinkling of the skin noted towards the lower breast fold. Over the first few weeks, the breast skin envelope will relax and the breast will take up a more natural shape, but will take 6 months to normalise.

The breast will feel firm for 2-3 weeks and then soften. Some bruising and swelling is to be expected. A degree of numbness over the lower skin of the breast might be found. Lumpiness might be present but resolves over a few weeks. Some disturbance of nipple sensation (up or down) may occur, which might be permanent. Hypersensitivity of the nipple can occur which will require regular massage of both the breast and nipple from 3-4 weeks.
Scarring can be unpredictable. The scars may go red and lumpy. When healing of the skin is complete at 4 weeks, and after tape removal, massage with Vitamin E containing cream is useful. Occasionally, a steroid treatment to the scar or a silicone gel or sheeting may be required to settle lumpy (hypertrophic) scars. Red scars can take up to 18 months to fully fade.
Minor wound infections or small areas of delayed healing can occasionally occur but should not cause significant concerns. These wounds respond well to antibiotics or regular dressings or both. A delay in healing may occur. If significant breakdown does occur, occasionally, secondary surgery might be required. If there are any causes for concern, then either contact the hospital or Mr Adams’ secretary.
Appointments are made to see the cosmetic nurse at one week post surgery for dressing changes and suture trimming if required. Further dressing clinic appointments can be made. Mr Adams will arrange an outpatient appointment for 6 weeks and 6 months to be sent by email.


For more information on Breast Reduction surgery, please download our fact sheet.

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“Titus Adams makes light work of postpartum tummies, slimming the silhouette and nipping in waists by pulling the underlying muscles tight, like a corset. ‘Though it’s best to leave some fat behind,’ he says. ‘It allows fluid to drain from the body, rather than building up in the tissues’. The fat he does take, however, is useful if there’s need to plump a deflated cleavage. And, because he’s chatty and approachable, smoothing over even the most awkward of questions (like ‘how do you wear your undergarments?’ – crucial, as it ensures the best positioning of scars), you feel at ease. You trust him.”

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