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Mr Titus Adams – Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Titus Adams, BSc MD FRCS(Plast), is a private Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon with more than 26 years’ experience, practising in four independent hospitals across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Central London.

When getting in touch for the first time, patients often ask what Titus Adams is really like. They understand the value of choosing an aesthetic plastic surgeon who is experienced, down-to-earth, realistic, and dedicated to meeting each patient’s particular needs and expectations of care.

Titus Adams is skilled in giving patients the most comfortable treatment with the best possible results, from initial consultation, through to the procedure, and aftercare, aided by a responsive and attentive secretarial team as well as the support of one of the very best anaesthetists in practice today.

Importantly, in the UK Titus is certified in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures under the new Cosmetic Surgery Certification Scheme (aimed at maintaining quality of practice/care in this developing healthcare sector).

“Establishing the best cosmetic journey with a patient takes a surgeon who can truly listen, understand and then deliver results with care and attention to the detail.  It requires a surgeon who can, with plenty of experience, envisage achievable results for their patients.  I am not a showman, nor a salesman – I am a surgeon.   For my part, it is an absolute privilege to be in this position and to provide skills in this way.” 

Titus Adams
Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

Skilled. Efficient. And safe.

From cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, cosmetic surgery (including breast reduction, augmentation, lifting, abdominoplasty and face lifts), as well as skin cancer surgery (Melanoma, SCC and BCC) and their reconstruction using grafts and flaps, Titus Adams focuses on guiding every patient through to the safest and most effective outcome.

Meet the Team

Ruxandra Mihai

Ruxandra Mihai

Consultant Anaesthetist

Ruxandra Mihai MD MRCP FRCA is a Consultant Anaesthetist based in Oxford. She is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, being appointed Consultant in Oxford University Hospitals Trust in 2008, and having a collective 20 years medical experience.

She has worked with Mr Adams throughout his surgical career. She is an expert in the field of anaesthesia for cosmetic and plastic surgery and has years of experience in sarcoma spine surgery, oesophageal cancer and reconstructive orthopaedic surgery. She works regularly as part of a multidisciplinary team focused on patient-shared decisions for high-risk procedures.  She remains an expert in post-operative pain management in order to minimise unnecessary opioid exposure.

Bella Murray

Bella Murray

Practice Manager

Bella has been working with Titus for the last 15 years and manages Titus’ patients in Oxford and London.  She also oversees and controls the whole practice.  She is contactable by phone or at bella@titusadams.com

Ethne Bettle

Personal Assistant

Ethne has recently joined the practice as part of Titus Adams’ administrative team in Reading, predominantly at the Berkshire Independent Hospital. She is available directly at ethne@titusadams.com.

“As an anaesthetist I have a firm belief that a strong team approach to the perioperative care of our patients is invaluable. We rely on constant communication among the team to plan cases, their perioperative optimisation, and postoperative pain management, in order to facilitate the best outcome for all our patients. I am always available to patients before and after surgery to ensure a smooth personalised experience.”
Ruxandra Mihai
Consultant Anaesthetist
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“Recommendation after recommendation has put Adams firmly on the Cotswolds map (he has clinics in Berkshire and Oxfordshire). It’s partly down to his nature (he’s a wonderful conversationalist and has charisma in spades), but also his manner, which is thoughtful and careful. His forte? Womanly tummies, with curves in the right places. New mummies in particular love the way he recontours the waistline and creates the illusion of a lightly toned abdomen.”

“Titus Adams makes light work of postpartum tummies, slimming the silhouette and nipping in waists by pulling the underlying muscles tight, like a corset. ‘Though it’s best to leave some fat behind,’ he says. ‘It allows fluid to drain from the body, rather than building up in the tissues’. The fat he does take, however, is useful if there’s need to plump a deflated cleavage. And, because he’s chatty and approachable, smoothing over even the most awkward of questions (like ‘how do you wear your undergarments?’ – crucial, as it ensures the best positioning of scars), you feel at ease. You trust him.”

“Adams listens carefully & closely. And his results are truly top notch whether he is tidying things up after some impressive weight loss or putting you back together after the last baby. The key phrase is ‘preservation of tissues’, to retain a natural appearance.”