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Titus Adams

Patients remark that Titus Adams is a plastic surgeon who is experienced, very approachable, and sensitive in establishing patient concerns and their particular aesthetic requirements.  Decision-making is clear and concise, and patients value his realistic, down-to-earth and honest appraisal on what can be achieved and, very importantly, what cannot.

A highly regarded surgeon, Titus Adams is skilled in giving patients the most comfortable experience to achieve the best results; from initial consultation, through to the procedure, and immediate aftercare. Mr. Adams is committed to providing the highest standards of care, individualised to each patient, using a range of up-to-date surgical and non-surgical techniques.

From cosmetic treatments like revolutionary Croton chemical peels, to plastic and cosmetic surgery, including breast reduction, breast lifting, augmentation and reconstruction, abdominal contouring (including tummy tucks), face lifts, and more, Titus Adams focuses on safely and sensitively guiding every patient through their cosmetic surgery journey.

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Positively Reviewed

“a genius and a true artist”

"Today I met with a friend who I have not seen [since my procedure]. The surprise on her face was a picture as she told me, "you look amazing!" Mr Adams you are a genius and a true artist. I feel and look fab - THANK YOU."
Julia, London – Chemical Peel

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The first step of your cosmetic surgery journey should be a consultation with your plastic surgeon. It is your chance to get accurate information and professional reassurance, both of which can be hard to find online.
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“No woman’s tummy ever returns to normal following a pregnancy,’ he admits. ‘But that’s not the issue, it’s how it makes them feel. And that’s where I come in.”
“Adams listens carefully & closely. And his results are truly top notch whether he is tidying things up after some impressive weight loss or putting you back together after the last baby. The key phrase is ‘preservation of tissues’, to retain a natural appearance.”

“Titus Adams makes light work of postpartum tummies, slimming the silhouette and nipping in waists by pulling the underlying muscles tight, like a corset. ‘Though it’s best to leave some fat behind,’ he says. ‘It allows fluid to drain from the body, rather than building up in the tissues’. The fat he does take, however, is useful if there’s need to plump a deflated cleavage. And, because he’s chatty and approachable, smoothing over even the most awkward of questions (like ‘how do you wear your undergarments?’ – crucial, as it ensures the best positioning of scars), you feel at ease. You trust him.”

“Recommendation after recommendation has put Adams firmly on the Cotswolds map (he has clinics in Berkshire and Oxfordshire). It’s partly down to his nature (he’s a wonderful conversationalist and has charisma in spades), but also his manner, which is thoughtful and careful. His forte? Womanly tummies, with curves in the right places. New mummies in particular love the way he recontours the waistline and creates the illusion of a lightly toned abdomen.”

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